An Important Message re COVID-19 and our services

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic we are entering uncertain and challenging times. To support our valued clientele through these challenges we are now offering
ONLINE wellbeing and addiction coaching with support.

As the world is trying to come to terms with the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak many more of us will be experiencing anxiety, loneliness and the uncertainty of our futures.

During these difficult and uncertain times we are asked by our Government & NHS England to apply social distancing and for some of us who have been diagnosed with the virus this means having to self-isolate for quite sometime. If you are also dealing with an addiction, at whatever stage you are in your journey to sobriety, this can have a major impact on your mental health. That is where we can help.

As we are advised against non-essential travel and social gatherings, and for the safety and wellbeing of our clients, we are offering online sober coaching/life coaching/wellbeing sessions for those in need of support. Social distancing or self-isolation doesn’t mean you are alone, and we are here to help you through these uncertain times with knowledge, compassion, our expertise and, as always, our bespoke quality service.

Email or phone us today to discuss how we can help you or someone you love.

Stay safe, healthy and happy!


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‘Hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams”

– S. A. Sachs


Phoenix Guardians is a premium tailored drug and alcohol treatment service that offers one to one specialised services to affected individuals, and their family members, as they aim to navigate their way out of substance misuse.

We work with adults who are addicted to drugs or alcohol and are willing to take a pro-active role in addressing their self-care.  The dependent individual can be anyone who uses drugs or alcohol and is concerned that they no longer have it under control. Many of our clients identify themselves as high functioning individuals leading busy and professional lives, who notice how their dependency has increased and then taken hold.

Our experienced, qualified and professional team of specialists, from Doctors and Therapists, to Interventionists, Sober Coaches to Psychologists, will help identify the best course of action necessary for the dependent individual. The selected team will also feed into the creation of a Personalised Healthy Lifestyle Plan, where integrated and seamless services are then customised for each individual to tackle the root causes of their substance misuse, whether it is alcohol, drugs (prescription or otherwise), or both.  The personalised Healthy Lifestyle Plan is reviewed and adapted as the individual undertakes his or her own route to recovery. This pathway can include accessing a detox or rehabilitation facility where required, whilst having an assigned Sober Coach to guide them through the immediacy of detox, and then into a place of readiness for aftercare provision.

We provide a range of services that include:

  • The delivery of a comprehensive Intervention process – often required at the height of the dependent individual’s usage

  • Travel companions to accompany individuals into recommended detox facilities and renowned rehabilitation treatment centres worldwide

  • Sober and Life Coaches are available post-treatment for continuing the essential aftercare support to aid lifestyle change and continued sober recovery

  • Our qualified therapists are also on hand to work individually, as a couple, or with a family as required

  • A bespoke Health and Wellbeing retreat programme focusing on rebalancing the individual’s equilibrium and connection to themselves, others and the environment

Our experience of working with dependent individuals has taught us that a combination of personal engagement alongside specialised professional support is the greatest influencer of lasting change.

Our Services

We offer a range of services, each carefully designed to guide you or other affected individuals through a personalised process of recovery from intervention to after-care.

Alongside working with the affected individual, our services extend to including family members, partners and loved ones as part of the recovery journey. 

Our bespoke services are:


Consultation & Early Engagement

We offer early support to the individual, family and loved ones and engage closely with those involved. We will, if needed, secure the necessary services and treatment and remain continually in contact with the family and the individual throughout their treatment.

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We provide a swift, experienced and timely intervention service, in a compassionate and empathetic manner, helping the family and the individual at this stage to tackle the dependency directly.

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Travel Companion Service

Travel Companion Service

This service allows someone outside the family dynamic, and importantly with the necessary experience and therapeutic knowledge, such as a Sober Coach, to accompany the dependent individual to and from essential treatment services.

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Bespoke support and continued aftercare

Bespoke Support and Continued Aftercare

Once the individual has completed a residential stay at a treatment centre, we are then able to engage our Sober Coaches, Counselling and Therapy services. The combination and provision of these services is integral to the success of our aftercare provision, and our teams are expert in managing dependency and sobriety in a healthy way.

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Lifestyle coaching

Lifestyle Coaching

Our Lifestyle Coaches are available to work with clients around unlocking their specific needs. They can help identify areas for development and also help bring about positive action in the areas of exercise, nutrition and wellbeing.

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Health and wellbeing retreats programme

Health & Wellbeing Retreat Programmes

We also offer bespoke and focused programmes that address an individual’s relationship to both themselves, their family and their environment, promoting a closer look at the individual’s lifestyle activity.

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“I met Naz at a time when I thought life was about as bad as it could get. Turns out, it had to get a lot worse before it got better. Naz stood by me the whole way, and helped me through with endless kindness and patience, combined with some much needed truth and an ability to get me to listen when nobody else could. I am forever indebted to him for what he did for me, and am grateful that I can now call him a friend. He introduced me to Meryem who continues to help me look at things from different perspectives, challenge me when needed and supports me through my journey. Her guidance and insight has been invaluable. Naz and Meryem, to my mind, provide something genuinely unique. I consider myself very lucky that I have the opportunity to benefit from their experience and expertise, as without them I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Chris, Phoenix Guardians Client

“I met Naz Hassan over two years ago, as an interventionist and travelling companion to an overseas treatment centre with my son. Naz evolved from a sober coach to a friend and remains a pilar of support for my son, who is now in a remarkably good place, in large part due to Naz’s knowledge, individualised understanding and compassionate approach. It would be difficult to over-emphasise the high esteem in which both my son and I hold him.”

M.V, Father of Phoenix Guardians Client

“I was introduced to Naz at an iCAAD event in London a few years ago, and felt an instant connection to his calm energy and his passion for his work. Naz’s knowledge and understanding of how to effectively help people in need, especially those suffering from addiction, is both comprehensive and realistic. Above all, Naz clearly cares for his clients, going over and beyond to guide them to the path of life-long recovery. It was a pleasure working with you Naz.”

Jamie, Private Consultant specialising in Detox & Rehabilitation

“In the diverse world of recovery and my experiences with it, I can honestly say that working with Naz of Phoenix Guardians was one of great benefit. Naz sees what the client, and also importantly, what the family needs. This results in a tailor-made approach where he goes to any length to achieve results. All this is delivered with the utmost integrity and care for the client and family. Naz shows great empathy and love for those struggling with addiction and alcoholism. What stood out to me personally was how he reached out to a fellow addict I know and got him back on track after he saw him struggling with his recovery. His knowledge and approach is based on trust, care and a lot of experience, and therefore I highly recommend Phoenix Guardians.”

Hendrik Jan Eveleens, Orca Safe House, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
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